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Split Pea, “Bacon” & Potato Soup


I have spent the better part of the week working on an animated music video for my song “Blood Brothers,” When I get in my crazy artist headspace I usually forget to make time to eat, sleep and shower (uuuh…totally kidding! Of course I shower … sometimes) Thank goodness for this blog right (or I probably wouldn’t eat at all)!

This week considering the animation, as well as the dreary winter NYC weather, I wanted to make something warm and hearty that would reheat easily as i created my masterpiece (MUWAHAHAHHA!)

Obviously I am pairing this dish with my song and video “Blood Brothers”

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“Huevos” Rancheros

"Huevos" Rancheros

I like eggs more than I like most people. They are one of the most versatile and delicious foods in  my daily diet. I can eat them morning, noon and night and never tire of them. Having said that, this is a classic Mexican egg breakfast…without the eggs. The recipe actually came from my father, who is not the slightest bit Latino (the closest he came was marrying my Mexican mother)."Huevos" Rancheros

For the past ten years, my dad has been vegetarian, and over the last several years, became lacto vegetarian (meaning he consumes dairy products, but no eggs). Substituting firm tofu in place of the eggs allowed him to continue making this recipe while staying true to his diet."Huevos" Rancheros

Once you taste the ranchero sauce you will understand why someone would find another medium for it because, well, it’s incredible. The aroma it creates in your kitchen is one that you will never want to stop smelling. The ingredients are staples to most cooking enthusiasts fridge: tomatoes, an onion, garlic and jalapenos. No really, that’s it.

The trick when making the sauce is to let hang out and do its thang until it’s kind of orange-ish. Once the hue changes, everything looks saucy and you just can’t stand it anymore, then ladle a couple huge spoonfuls on your tofu “huevos”, slice up some avocado and go to town!

We are pairing this dish with Disclosure’s hot new track Apollo

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