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Tofu Peas and Peanut Sauce


I’ve had a very busy week so I need a meal that was quick (and cheap) to make. I did this and it was very good and filling! It was the perfect combo of savory creamy with pops of crispiness from the peas.

I am pairing this meal with a hot new track from Mr. Carmack, because like this sauce its nuts!

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Potato Cakes with Beans & Creamy Sriracha

Potato Cakes with beans and creamy sirracha
So I tried a variation of this recipe a while ago to use up some leftover mashed potatoes. The potato pancakes were good, but I thought I would try the dish again using potato cakes made from shredded potatoes vs. mashed potatoes. And success! This will definitely be a staple.

This dish was fresh and hot just like my new mixtape! Check it!

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Mock Chicken Salad


About a month ago, my friend Ashley and I embarked on the most detail-oriented art project of my life. Since our focus was only on creating art, we lived on Whole Foods mock chicken salad which led to us…well kind of become addicted to it (trust me its the jaaaaaam) We ate it by the tub-full, because hey it was vegan…so it had to be healthy…right?? Meanwhile our pants were getting tighter and it was becoming harder and harder to sit down in our skinny jeans. When we shared our assumptions about the healthiness of mock chicken salad with some of our friends from Whole Foods they basically laughed in our faces like “You guys know it is full of vegan mayo=not healthy.” Well I decided to come up with a healthier version and asked Ashley to come over for a taste test.

Im pairing this with M.I.A.’s new MATANGI mix tape, because like mock chicken salad it is insanely addictive.

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Pasta Bolognese


First I have to say I really LOVE carbs. So when I was craving some comfort food on this chilly spring day I thought i would try my hand at making this typically meaty, carb lover recipe. I adapated it from a meat version and also cut down on the cooking time because, welll… a girl was hungry!  I am pairing this meatless meal with one of my favorite dance jams: “No Beef” by Afrojack & Steve Aoki feat. Miss Palmer. Enjoy!

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Banga and Mash

A month ago my good friend Mathieu (aka Surfing Leons) and I released our debut track “Banga” on Enchufada Label. Today is Saint Patrick’s Day so I thought it would be perfect to pair our song “Banga” with my vegan version of the traditional Irish meal Bangers and Mash. I used steamed Broccoli instead of peas because well that is what I had!

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