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Vegan Ranch Dressing


Who loves ranch dressing?  Better question is who doesn’t love ranch dressing!?!? (Imagine me saying that with a Southern drawl)  Well, I decided to come up with a healthy vegan version. Tastes great with carrot chips!

Today I am pairing this yummy condiment with a hot Rihanna remix by my buddies Club Cheval. Cause cowgirls live on a ranch too and Rihanna is just trying to ride her pony.

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Spiced Carrot Butter


My homegirl Ashley was making some vegan biscuits but we had nothing to put on them. All I had in my fridge was some carrots and figured I would make some kind of spread using them. This experiment turned out pretty well, and is even better the next day once the spices get to meld together!!

I am paring this sweet spread with a hot new Baauer remix of an Aluna George song. Cause this dish is so sweet it is attracting flies.

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