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Sesame Cucumbers


I love snacks. I have never met a bag of chips I didn’t get along with. Unfortunately, I DON’T like the waistline fallout that results from a good old potato chip binge. So when my good friend Liz gave me this recipe that satisfies my need for a salty crunch (but is yet healthy) I was allllll over it yaknowhatimsayin? And to top it all of it is oh so EASY to make! It is true love…

I am pairing this with the Bonobo Boiler Room set. So grab your sesame cucumbers and  a spot on the couch, because this is going to be an enjoyable 45 minutes.

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Spring Rolls with Shallot Oil

Spring Rolls

Melissa and I are back at it! This is my first post since, my European tour, move to NYC and bike accident (I’m ok).

I first discovered this recipe, when my best friend’s boyfriend whipped them up for me when I complained about being hungry… and because he’s awesome, he suggested it be the first post after my hiatus for Veggie Raps.

This are very easy to prepare and a perfect healthy snack for last minute guests.



Since I am bouncing back from all of the changes life sent my way, I decided to give you some jams to bounce to from a talented young producer I had the pleasure of meeting recently…Swizzymack.

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